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About the Upcyclers

We are a Nebraska-based team of creative gals that hooked up when I married Karen’s #1 son. I grew up decorating, re-decorating, and re-arranging the furniture in my bedrooms and my parents’ house growing up. I remember my first design project and the [fabulous] pink carpet we chose for my bedroom. The tulip wallpaper…the coordinating bedspread. I remember it all! And then there was my first solo project–at age 13, when I finally got to move to the “teenager”  bedroom in the basement of my parents’ house. Envisioning the finished room; choosing carpet & paint;  selecting just the right accessories from a catalog…there was the Americana country phase, when country was really hott; there was the maroon, navy and green phase when those were THE colors for stylish interiors. There were college dorm rooms (design challenge: how does one design around pepto-pink cinder block walls?), apartments, my first house. Then my second house. And now my third…with countless updates, tweaks, and style refinement throughout the years.

I often dreampt of maybe becoming an architect some day, because I didn’t really know that one could make a career designing interior spaces. I do still lust for great buildings and homes, and find myself imagining how I would change a layout here or there when I’m out and about. But really the part I’ve always loved is interiors. I love how a space can affect one’s mood. I love how getting a room to feel just right can make all the difference in how you live and feel, and even in how you feel about yourself when in it. I love how the personal reflections of a person or family can make a space more than just a place to inhabit–they can make it a sanctuary. And I really, really love chairs.  And lighting. [They are my weak spots.]

Over the years, Karen and I have spent many a holiday get-together and weekend visit tirelessly gabbing about all things interior design, decorating, and creative.  We decorated a wedding (mine), participated in charity events (hers), collected stacks of books and shelter mags (both), marveled at Trading Spaces and every new HGTV designer, and incessantly conspired and collaborated to figure out just how we could someday fulfill our individual and collective dreams of doing this design and decorating thing full-time. It became a little harder to scheme when I lived in Denver for a few years, but we never gave up the dream…we never stopped loving decorating and design, and we knew that one day we WOULD live our dream. And so here it is, our little dream…Upcycled Home. I hope you enjoy our takes on interiors as much as we enjoy sharing them.  Oh, and if you should find yourself in a state of confusion about what to do with your own space, we also offer interior design services and would LOVE to make the ugly go away…  -Melissa  


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