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The state of things

June 7, 2013

So much going on lately!  Lots of work, travel, and big projects left-and-right!

Upcycled Home interior design is now Space and Place Interiors and Homegoods in Omaha, Nebraska

Firstly – The biggest change around here is that the Upcycled Home business has gotten a little grwoth makeover. In the spirit of growth, change, and big things to come, the shop has been re-chrsitened as Space and Place Interiors. See, in terms of what we do professionally, we’ve kind of grown beyond just upcycling. Of course that is still a big part of our design philosophy, but these days we are doing SO.MUCH.MORE. So the blog will remain Upcycled Home, as it is my own personal philosophy, but the business is sprinting forward…

Space and Place shop on Etsy

Click to shop Space and Place interiors and homegoods in Omaha, Nebraska

Secondly – The etsy shop lives on (also got a name update to, but we are also expanding to a full online shop for more than just our handmade goods. It is still developing, we are adding new products all the time…but the baby has been born and it is healthy, happy, and kicking! if you want to check out the goods. And I promise it will be growing exponentially every week! Soooo many vendors and items to add and not enough hours in the day!

Space and Place #senseofplace giving campaign logo by Space and Place Interiors in Omaha, Nebraska

Thirdly – The #senseofplace giving component that is a core value of Space and Place has been kicked off through our first-ever giving campaign! For the month of June, we have a one-to-one donation pledge for The Pillowcase Project. For every pillow cover we sell, we will donate one pillowcase and we are hoping to reach 50 donations this month. You can also just purchase a donation directly for $10, if that floats your boat. Look for a full report and more details on the project coming soon. There are some big ideas behind this giving core value, and I look forward to bringing them all to life at Space and Place!

boy with Tang

Fourthly – It is summer. Although it hasn’t really been hot enough for the pool yet (I should probably shut my mouth after the sweltering summer we had last year) it is in full gear. Like so many moms much wiser than me have mentioned over the years–you only get so many summers with the small ones, so we have some fun summer special projects and we are on a mission to enjoy this one to the fullest. Each day, we are doing at least one fun new “summer” thing. We started with an introduction to Tang. Yes, that Tang. They do still make it. It is still sickeningly sweet and vaguely baby-aspirinish. And delish. The kids love it; because I saved it for summer, they will probably now always associate it with summertime. :-)

Well, since it is National Donut Day, I bet you can guess what today’s thing is–donuts for the kids who otherwise are not permitted to eat donuts as part of their normal food repertoire. #100daysofsummer

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