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BAP ][ Modern Baby Girl Nursery Design Part I

March 23, 2012

Whoahlly shit, I forgot how utterly tiring it is to have a newborn baby in the house. Already having 2 kids, I had been pretty much perpetually sleep-deprived for the last 9 years. But for the most part, the past couple of years both kids have slept pretty well and had gotten to the point where they rarely woke up at night. So although I like to get 9 or 10 hours of sleep a night, I could at least count on a solid 8. Sure Coops is up with the birds every Saturday, Sunday and holiday off school, but at least he is old enough to fix a bowl of cereal and get cartoons on the tv by himself, so that we don’t HAVE to get up with him.  These days? Five hours of solid sleep is a pure luxury [and it has happened exactly twice since February 27]. Breastfeeding is a lovely experience…and frankly, it’s exhausting. We did bottles with the other two and wowee, it sure made a difference when the hubs could do some of the nighttime feedings. This time around it is all mommy, all the time. All day long, and all night long. And I chose that path, so I’m not really complaining….I’m just in shock. And a walking zombie 99% of the time.

Source: Uploaded by user via Melissa on Pinterest


Sooo, with this newfound exhaustion, I am just barely keeping up with the day-to-day. The last couple weeks kind of got away from me a little bit–what with all that catchup-napping on the couch with a too-snuggly little two-week-old bean sprout and both a paper due and a mid-term test in my interior design class, plus all the rest of the family life stuff….I simply couldn’t bring myself to give up any of that [least of all the warm, happy, Dreft-flavored intoxication of newborn snuggles] in order to put the mac on my lap and write a post. So that whole nursery decor reveal just got shoved to the bottom of my To Do list, where I am attempting to start tackling it this week. In a yet-undetermined-number multi-part series. Here goes.

So I’ll start with the paint color selection. I suppose it is a bit of an unusual choice for a baby girl’s room–especially in Super-Trad Nebraska. [I could see it on my mother's friends' faces when they saw the room.] But I love, love it, and I did actually have good reasons for choosing it, beyond just loving the color. What is this not-obv nursery color? A dark, luscious steel gray: Sherwin Williams Iron Ore [SW7069].

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore SW7069

Mmmmm, delicious. I went with such a dark color because the size of the room could handle pretty much anything–it’s big. And the room has a large west-facing window, which means that afternoon naptime is going to be full-on Sunny Days. While the window does have great–though extremely ugly beige–blackout cellular shades, I also wanted something on the walls that would still make the room feel dark and cozy, especially when I eventually change that awful cellular shade to a nice ivory linen flat roman shade like this.

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


And I wanted something versatile, that didn’t scream “BABY” so that it could grow with her, without absolutely needing to be repainted [though let's get real, I am sure I'll get the bug to repaint looong before she outgrows it. Probably to BM Decorator's White or something else as polar opposite as that]. And finally, I knew I had lots of color going on in the room with some of the fabrics I selected and the mustard yellow hand-me-down loveseat from my parents’ house, so I had to keep the paint color fairly neutral to achieve the look I wanted. Iron Ore fit the bill.

Here is a peek at the walls.  Eventually, the wood trim will be painted white and I have a delightful nailhead project in mind for the boring hollow core closet doors. Ah, eventually…

Girl's Nursery painted in SW7069 Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

I love how the white-framed artwork and bright pink curtains pop against the dark walls.


Girl's Nursery painted in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore SW7069

The nursery closet before - I can't wait to hack up these boring hollow core wood doors with white paint and nailheads!


Next up in Part II I’ll show the fabrics I used. Hint: my beloved Chiang Mai Dragon makes an appearance.

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  1. March 25, 2012 12:06 am

    No need to rush. It’ll all happen when it’s s’posta. I am looking forward to seeing the doors modified. ~Gerean


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