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Upcycled Goods ][ Chairs, Chairs and Chairs

February 24, 2011

I have finally solved my upholstery woes and made quick work of my upcycle-ready chairs. Here we go…

This chair was an auction score. It was pretty grammaw when I found it, but I had plans, oh I had plans!  I kinda hemmed and hawed over whether to paint the frame a smooth matte white or leave it as-is. The finish was pristine–hardly a nick or scratch–and this fabric worked with the brown, so I ultimately opted not to. My plan for this dainty little chair was to use it in my daughter’s room…then she went all turquoise, pink and white and this just didn’t work in there. So for sale she will be.

Wood and upholstered victorian side arm chair, modern striped and floral fabric

Stripes on the front...


Wood and upholstered victorian side arm chair, modern striped and floral fabric on the back!

This chair was also an auction score. It had seen better days, but I was thrilled with the possibilities for jazzing up this fussy victorian gem.  A quick upcycling job later and this gal is now relevant for a modern home. [please don't hate me for my chevron is surpassed only by my houndstooth addiction...and my lamp addiction...and my love of gray...ok, moving on.]

Upcycled victorian side chair with a modern charcoal and yellow chevron print

Charcoal gray on the front...

A victorian side chair upcycled with hi-gloss yellow and chevron print fabric

...yellow on the back!

These two are the Goodwill scores that I mentioned here. They were a very 70’s shade of brown fake velvet fabric that had likely seen its best days well before I was even born. But now, they are two more bits of fuel for my chevron-addiction, and a step closer to the great unveiling of my Dining Room Before & After Project [you'll notice from the picture we are still a little ways from a new/bigger table, side chairs, curtains, and least it's painted]. I was in such a giddy state to get them pholsterered, that I didn’t even fix up the legs yet–that will come this spring when the tundra thaws and allows me to break out the garage paint [orange! yellow?! green?! silver?!] setup. [I have ordered up one Preval sprayer and am getting highly anxious to try it out.]

Premier prints charcoal gray chevron fabric on upcycled Goodwill wingback chairs

These are going to be so comfy.

This dandy was a very fantabulous early-90’s mauve and blue stripe fabric. Though her clothes were bad, her genes were good–a Drexel Heritage piece–so for a mere $20 she became mine. I had this great floral Robert Allen fabric that I wanted to incorporate into the Master Bedroom Upcycle [unveiling coming soon!], but was afraid it would just be too-much-flowery if I used it as drapes or bedding or something. Also, the husband did not like it very much, so I figured it best to use it on something-ah-moveable in the event he really screamed when it “appeared” in our room. Since the chair legs had already been refinished in a glossy green, onto the chair that fabric went. Lest it get too cutesy or grammaw, I added the striped cushion. Even this is a little more frou-frou than I usually go, but I absolutely love this chair for some reason. Maybe precisely because it’s a departure for me. Unfortunately, the husband does not like it much. Sigh. So it will be a sale piece, too.

Floral Robert Allen Fabric, Green stripes, and hi-gloss moss green legs

Last, but definitely not least, is my favorite of the bunch. Probably because I am so freakishly in love with this Dwell Studio[ "Gate" in green] fabric. I intended to sell this chair, but am now seriously reconsidering because I just love it so much [and it conveniently matches the color scheme in my house...yes pure coincidence there]. But I don’t have a great spot for it, unless it goes into the final verison of the Upcycled Home Office [new desk and desk chair ETA end-of-february-or-early-march!!]. TBD.

Charcoal gray high-gloss trim, Dwell Studios Fabric in Green Upcycled chair with charcoal gray trim and Dwell Studios Fabric in Green

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